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The titles of consecutive exhibitions, i.e. 'Der Riss im Raum' (Berlin, 1994), 'After the Wall' (Stockholm, 1999) and 'Erased Walls'* (Poznan, Mediations Biennale 2010) build a fascinating narrative concerning the issues and the history of Central Europe seen through art, this mirror of the ages.

Text by Tomasz Wendland :
The 1994 exhibition initiated the rapprochement of the Central European countries - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany. Through the presentation of post-war art, it took a look beyond the Iron Curtain and revealed artistic life, which so far had been censored and shown in the official light of the communist dictatorship. 'After the Wall' - 10 years after the 'Round Table' in Poland and the fall of the Berlin Wall was a review of the development of art in free Europe.

In turn, 'Erased Walls' narrows its focus to the creative work after 2000, with an emphasis on the latest art, unconstrained by geopolitics. Erasing of the frontiers does not apply exclusively to our region anymore. All over the world, the walls that were physically torn down, have been replaced by invisible ones - whose existence is all the more efficacious and poignant because of their imperceptibility. Political divisions are now being exchanged for new ones, those associated with the dominance of the capital, social supremacy, poverty, media manipulation, the feeling of solitariness and exclusion.

The artists, by constructing an image, arrive at reflections otherwise unattainable, which cannot be devised by means of language or document. An image is frequently a close-up quotation from reality, which, having been extracted from the mundanity and then presented in a different light shed by art, becomes surprisingly distinct. 'Erased Walls' is an ironic question: have the last walls really fallen? The 'Erased Walls' exhibition will be held - in entirely different guises - during Mediations Biennale in Poznan, Crazycurators Biennale in Bratislava, at the Freies Museum, ConcentArt e.V.( and Abnormals Gallery ( in Berlin, thus building a dialogue of autonomous reflections.

* 'Der Riss im Raum' - 'Pekniecie w Murze', 'After the Wall' - 'Po Murze', 'Erased Walls' - 'Wymazane Mury'

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Where : ConcentArt Gallery, Kreuzbergstr.28 D-10965 Berlin
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When : 07.10.2010 - 30.10.2010
Vernissage : 07.10.2010 from 17:00hrs


Fabiola Faidiga

Debra Fear

Gianluca Ferrari

Eugenia Gortchakova

Liz Harrison

Olga Koroleva

Paul Malone

Marlena Novak and Jay Alan Yim

Marianna and Daniel O'Reilly

Nicola Rae

Steven Scott

Giorgio Tentolini

Alyssa Ueno

Zoha Zokaei