Alexandra Dementieva : Sun Moves Around Us   (02:57 mins)

Sun and light are two notions that were always associated in my mind.

One of my first memories of childhood is morning Sun-rays that penetrate through the cracks of the wooden shutters and illuminate unevenly the still dark bedroom. Then it is a seaside. Long summer days, heat, persisting feeling of abandonment and presence in the same time, makes it seems like old style movie that you keep watching, but you can't stop - though you already know every frame. Drowsiness bore down quietly, drifted me off to sleep. Unexpected gull scream breaks into consciousness. I shudder and open my eyes. I see nothing but light, the light of the midday sun. It is so bright that from a distance the Coney Island amusement park looks like a cosmodrome where an alien spacecraft just landed.

An impression that all are drowning in light - people, beach, loungers, urns, sunshades. And sun, sun, sun...

©2009-15 Alexandra Dementieva. Soundtrack Aernoudt Jacobs. All Rights Reserved

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