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Paul Malone

Cereal City

Cereal City. 2011 06:10

Preparing breakfast can be a hazardous business, coming as it does when the chef d'hôte is only recently released from the world of dreams.

The colourful world of the Cereal City is here explored by miniature railway. It is however not without its own excitements. Corrections and fine adjustments supplied by the God-like hand of the artist.



Terminus. 2010

Terminus is about the end of the line and a new adventure...

This movie introduces a sequence of encounters between walls, destruction and the 00 scale model railway environment.
It starts and ends with a scene of peaceful devastation, populated by the random entrance and exit of its avian inhabitants. In the central developmental section, the movie migrates to the interior of a vacant gallery space. Projected onto the walls are a series of movie clips of walls and tunnels dissolving into daylight. This sequence is re-viewed from the aspect of a camera mounted on a model train, as it twists and turns across the floor. This 'dream' sequence is augmented by the appearance of a pair of giant feet that proceed to engage in pursuit.

My movies are a new departure and fall mainly into two groups. Firstly are those art projects where I am enjoying exploring the potential of my mini camera, taking footage from in amongst the urban environment, the geology of seashores, and around my studio on a model railway 'micro-dolly'. Sourcing from this footage, I am also compiling narratives that weave my interests in alternative astronomy into journeys through strange and unfamiliar perceptual landscapes.

I also have a particular interest in the writings of Julian Jaynes, in the hallucinogenic transfer of temporal lobe metaphorical traffic, and the generation and development of consciousness in the historical movement away from bicameral modes of thought.


Aphrodite Urania

Aphrodite Urania 2009 (09:59)

A cosmological conceit re-visiting Venus, myths and metaphors, and planetary orbits. ©Paul Malone 2009


Footfall Railroad

Footfall Railroad 2007 (02:40)

A mouse's eye view of a domestic interior - pursued by giant feet. The camera is mounted on a model railway as an extended micro-dolly. The feet are those of the artist. ©Paul Malone 2007