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Marlena Novak + Jay Alan Yim


Chew. 2011 03:03

LocalStyle artists: Marlena Novak and Jay Alan Yim, with guest artist Brittany Ransom.

Having enjoyed buying and preparing fresh local foods for many years, we were pleased to see the 'slow food' and 'locavore' movements finally evolving in U.S. cities, such as Chicago. This development has allowed us to posit a more playful perspective in our Plat du Jour piece titled 'Chew' while repurposing American food propaganda from the 1950's. After all, food and eating are central to all societies, including termites.


Edge Detection

Edge Detection. 2010 (10:00)

Edge Detection refers to the way that neurons in the brain — and computer so..ware — have developed the capability to identify border conditions in the external world, regardless of which sensory mode we use. It is the first critical step in making sense of our experiences.

Our interviewees shared their views on boundaries they perceive as affecting their daily lives, work, creative aspirations, emotional and intellectual outlook, sense of society, and the environment they inhabit. This excerpt features two human rights activists, Lin McDevitt-Pugh, co-founder of KnowHow Projects, and Martha McDevitt-Pugh, founder of Love Exiles Foundation; they live in exile in order to have basic human rights. Four other interviews comprise the complete series of Edge Detection.


Fluid Mechanics Remix

Fluid Mechanics Remix 2007 (05:55)

Fluid Mechanics Remix refers to the branch of physics that studies the behavior of liquids and gases. Formalizing fluidity is a source of interest to us as it applies on a global scale to such things as water, wind, energy, data, power, and money, ranging from smooth flow to turbulence. Marlena Novak and Jay Alan Yim ©localStyle 2007