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Debra Fear

Broccoli Decadrage

Broccoli Decadrage 2011. 01:47

A glitch art study that delivers an imperfect plat du jour of Pascal Bonitzer's "décadrage" (de-framing) and Gilles Deleuze's 'hors-champ' (out of field) concepts.

Part of my work involves trying to understand the philosophical theories of Deleuze within my own aural visual and audio-poetical frameworks.

It is not always successful in comprehension but interesting in its failures. ©Debra Fear 2011


Here is There

Here is There. 2010

Filmed at the Electrician’s Shop, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK, the rhythmic elements of this work vibrate in gentle poetic collisions of stillness against the motion of a panning shot. Space and time are divided in a meditative crossing of the threshold of a wall thereby erasure of the limits of the screen and place are achieved. A resonance is created between the use and look of a space textured by its historical context and the memory held within. ©Debra Fear 2010


Five Studies in Light Motion and Sound

Five Studies in Light Motion and Sound 2008 (09:34)

Observational pieces like a charcoal sketches are in comparison to a painting. ©Debra Fear 2008